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What is Hijr Ismail? – What is Hateem and amazing facts about it?

  • Date:17 Aug 22

What is Hateem?

Hijr Ismail is also known as Hateem. Hateem is a three-meter wide-area contiguous to the north-western wall of the Holy Kabah. The area of Hijr Ismail is enclosed by a crescent-shaped wall prepared out of marble. Although the wall of Hijr Ismail is not directly attached to the wall of the Kabah, it is considered a part of the Holy Kabah. It was known the name Hijr Ismail – Stone of Ismail as it was where Prophet Ibrahim (AS) built a shelter for his son Prophet Ismail (AS) and wife Hajrah (AS). By availing of Ramadan Umrah Packages, you can see حجر إسماعيل in Kabah.

Importance of Hateem:

It is said that the rewards that a Muslim receives after praying inside Hateem are equal to the blessings the one receives after praying inside the Kabah. Hijr Ismail is considered an actual part of the Kabah, but in all cases, Muslims must perform Tawaf outside the complete area of Hijr Ismail. While performing Hajj or Umrah, thousands of Hajis offer two Rakat of Nafl within the holy area.

Important Facts about Hateem:

There are a few important facts about Hateem given below.

Hateem was House of Ismail:

Hateem is a place where a shelter was made by Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) for his wife and son. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) used the branches of nearby trees to build a shelter for his wife and son. Hence, it was specified the name “Bayt Ismail” means “House of Ismail.”

The Grave of Hajra and Ismail (A.S):

It is said that after Hajra (AS) passed away, she was buried in the space of Hateem. Later on, Prophet Ismail (AS) built a boundary around his mother’s grave to avoid people from stepping on it. Though, it is also said that the grave of Prophet Ismail (AS) is also situated in حجر إسماعيل.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Stood on Hateem:

It was Hateem where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood while he described the incident of Miraj to the people of Quraysh. When the people of Quraysh did not believe him. ALLAH displayed Jerusalem in front of the Prophet (PBUH) and he began describing it to the Quraysh people.

Praying in Hateem:

Praying in the Hateem area is like praying inside Kabah. It means that rewards praying in Hateem are equal to praying inside the sacred Kabah. Because as said حجر إسماعيل is part of the Kabah.


Meezab-e-Rahmah is a passage of water that starts from the roof of the Holy Kabah and ends at the Hateem area. It is also known as the water opening of mercy.

The fantasy of Abdul Muttalib:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) grandpa Abdul Muttalib used to love sitting in the area of Hateem. One night while he was sleeping, he visualized a mysterious figure that directed him to the Zamzam well, hidden underground since the Jurhum society.

Conclusion– Hateem:

What is Hateem: Hateem is a semi-circular designed area equivalent to the walls of the Holy Kabah. It is to be found on the north-western side of the Kabah. The borders of حجر إسماعيل are made of marble. The blessings of praying inside Hateem are equal to that of praying inside the sacred Kabah. By availing of cheap Umrah packages, 2022 Muslims can see حجر إسماعيل in Holy Kabah at the time of performing Umrah.

Facts about Hijr Ismail or Hateem in Makkah

The Hijr Ismail (Hateem) is a crescent-shaped area situated just in line with the Holy Kabah. A part of Hijr (Hateem) is also known as Hijr-Ismail which means pebble for Ismail, which is the place where a shelter was made by Ibrahim for his wife Hajra and son Ismail. Muslims across the world can pay a visit by availing Ramadan Umrah packages 2022 to get the blessing of Allah SWT.

A few stimulating facts about the Hijr Ismail reflect upon its importance in Islam. They demonstrate the events that took place in the area and made it sacred.

Tawaf must be Around the Hateem:

Hijr Ismail is a squat divider, which was a part of Kabah when Ibrahim AS built it originally. It is said that approximately 3 meters of the area head-to-head to the wall of Hijr (حجر إسماعيل) are considered to be a part of Kabah so tawaf must be done exterior the finish range of the Hijr.

Graves of Ismail and mother Hajra:

Later on, Kabah was rebuilt by Quraysh, during which the Kabah took its cubical shape and Hijr (Hateem) was left outdoor. It is a semi-circular, crescent-shaped low wall next to Kabah. Some researchers said that the graves of Ismail AS and his mother Hajra lie covered beneath the Hijr Ismail.

The Flood in Kabah:

At the age of 35 years of Prophet (PBUH), a devastating flood damaged the Kabah, which was already faded previously by a huge fire, and was at risk of demolition. Feeling the need to protect the house of worship, the Quraysh chose to alter and rebuild the Kabah and did every possible thing for the development. There was a stranded nearby, and so its wood was carried into use. The woodworker named Baqoom developed the dividers of the Kabah. Little dividers were assembled demonstrating the first limits of the establishment laid down by the Prophet Ibrahim, which was an encased territory over the northern side of Kabah.

How to Enter the Kabah:

Hazrat Aisha RZ said” I said: ‘O Messenger of Allah! Can I not enter the House? ’He said to enter the Hijr (Hateem) for it is part of the House. Hazrat Aisha RZ said “I liked to enter the House (the Kaaba) and pray therein. The Messenger of Allah caught me by hand and acknowledged me to al-Hijr (Hateem).

Miraj incident Narrated at Hateem:

In Sahih al-Bukhari, Hazrat Jabir bin narrated that it was Hateem where he mounted in front of the people of Quraish when they did not believe his story of Night's divine Journey. Standing in front of all those people, he began to define Jerusalem after Allah blessed him and displayed the city in front of him.

Prophet SAW wanted to include the Hateem as part of Kabah:

In Sahih Muslim, Aisha, wife of Allah’s Messenger, narrated that she heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying that if her people had not converted to Islam then, he would have spent the treasure of the Kaaba according to the wish of Allah. The doors would have been built on the level of the ground, and Hijr Ismail would have lied inside its margin.

Muslims can enjoy the same rewards as entering in Kabah by entering in Hateem so anyone from the UK can go to Makah to be the guest of Allah by availing cheap Umrah packages 2022 from the UK.