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Cave of Hira

Cave of Hira (Gaar-e-Hira) – Jabal Al Nour – The First Revelation

  • Date:17 Aug 22

Cave of Hira is the most famous and sacred cave in the history of Islam located at the height of 634-640 meters in the Jabal-al-Noor. It is at the distance of 4 kilometers from Holy Kabah in Makkah. It is the place where Prophet Muhammad used to worship Allah Almighty in complete isolation.

Why is cave Hira important?

Cave of Hira has too much importance in the lives of Muslims and has become the most visited place of Islam. Lovers and followers of Prophet Muhammad show their full respect and love with this cave as it has association with the Our Holy Prophet. All the Muslims who perform Hajj or Umrah visit this place with keen interest.

History of Cave Hira:

A person can meditate in the state of seclusion. Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) was in search of an isolated place where he could worship his Creator and could meditate. He wished to go away from the crowds and ignorant people of Makkah. He found Cave of Hira on the top of mount Noor. There he used to meditate over the situation of human beings. He was trying to bring people on the right path.

Cave of Hira acted as shelter for Prophet Muhammad:

Cave of Hira acted as the secure place and shelter for Prophet Muhammad to perform Zikr of Allah. There was no one to disturb him in the state of worship. He meditated over the condition of humanity and was trying to find out the ways to prevent human beings from destruction.

Important facts about Cave of Hira:

  • It is 4m in length and 1.5 meter in width.
  • Its shape is like camel’s hump.
  • According to the people who have visited it, it has the vacancy for 6 people.
  • During Hajj days, almost 5000 people visit it daily. 6 people enter and after them other 6 people visit it.
  • There are no stairs from the bottom to top of the mountain. Most of the people fall and get injured.
  • It was the companion of Prophet Muhammad in complete isolation.
  • It has a great association and is the way to strengthen the faith.
  • Lovers of Prophet Muhammad feel lucky to visit and enter this cave.
  • It is the good place for those who wish to perform worship and focus on religious purposes in complete silence.
  • It also gives us the idea that Muslims can easily achieve the closeness of Allah if they perform religious tasks lonely in a limited or a small area where no one should interfere in their worship.

It is advised to all the people who are willing to perform Hajj or Umrah should visit this place as it has great historical importance.

Why is Jabal-al-Noor famous?

Jabal-al-Noor meaning, mountain of light or hill of glow is famous as Cave Hira is located inside it. It is the place where many of the memories of our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad are present. It is the desire of every Muslim to arrive at that place where the revelation of Holy Quran a great book of Allah was revealed.

What is another name of Cave of Hira?

As Cave of Hira is situated in the Jabal-al-Noor it is also named with that mountain. Most of the people also call it Jabal-al-Hira. Cave Hira is not only a cave but an origin of Islam and it is the place that helped Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) groom his personality.

What happened in the Cave of Hira?

Cave Hira is the place where the first revelation of Holy Quran was revealed on the Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) at the age of 40. Allah Almighty asked Prophet to read with the name of Allah who created men.

Why Prophet Muhammad used to worship in Cave of Hira?

The best way of worshipping Allah is to worship him in loneliness in a separate place. Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) used to worship in the Cave of Hira to achieve the happiness of Allah. He used to walk to a long distance so that he could worship Allah with full concentration in solitude.

What is the first revelation and where it was revealed?

Holy Prophet used to keep himself busy in worshipping Allah Almighty and at the age of 40 he received the first revelation. Hazrat Jibrael arrived to him with the message of Allah Almighty when Prophet worshipping Allah in the Cave Hira. Holy Prophet became frightened for the first time but Hazrat Jibrail dealt with him politely.

His heart was cleaned with Zamzam water and then revelation was revealed to him.

When was the first Revelation of Holy Quran revealed?

Quran is the miracle for not only Muslims but whole humanity. These are the words of Allah Almighty that contains proper guidance for all the human beings. First revelation of Holy Quran was revealed during the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan. It was revealed when Prophet Muhammad was busy in worshipping Allah.

Who can visit cave of Hira?

Only Muslims who believe in Prophet Muhammad can visit this cave as it is located in the sacred city of Makkah. Saudi Government has banned the entrance of Non-Muslims in this sacred city. Only Muslims who tend to perform Umrah or go on visit visa can visit this cave. It strengthens the faith of Muslims and helps them achieve the closeness of Allah.

How Muslims plan to visit the Cave of Hira?

Muslims book cheap Hajj and Umrah packages to become the guests of Allah Almighty and to visit the sacred sites. It helps them strengthen their faith and to get prepared for the Day of Judgment. After performing the rites of Hajj or Umrah, Muslim visit the famous and most sacred places. Pilgrims arrive at Jabal-al-Noor to visit cave of Hira.

How to reach the Cave of Hira?

As cave is on the 640 meters on the top of the Jabal-al-Noor, pilgrims are required to climb up to the height of mountain. Pilgrims travel from Holy Haram or from their hotels to this mountain with the help of vehicles. It can accommodate at least five to six people at a time but during Hajj the number of people increases.

What is the importance of the Cave of Hira?

Cave of Hira has great importance in the history of Islam. Those who love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) form the core of their heart can understand the importance of this cave. This cave acted as a shelter for our beloved Prophet against enemies and was also the good place to worship Allah Almighty. Those who visit this place become close to Prophet Muhammad and Allah. It is the place where one can collect the blessings of the Creator.

Why did Muhammad go to Mount Hira?

Prophet Muhammad always used to worship Allah Almighty and enemies stood against him due to this reason. They didn’t let him worship Allah because they had forgotten the purpose of their life. Holy Prophet used to go to Cave and worship in complete isolation to avoid any kind of disturbance or interference. Performing worship in this way gave peace of mind to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Which surah was revealed in the Cave of Hira?

First five verses of Surah Alaq were revealed for the very first time. The complete revelation was about gaining knowledge because at that time all the people were ignorant and didn’t know how to spend life. They forgot all about the purpose of their life and didn’t use to think about the Day of Judgment.